are made of special calendered plastic fabric with an intermediate layer of nylon that gives high impact resistance and great rigidity to guarantee maximum set-up. The floats are not glued but are electro-welded with high-frequency technology to give high seal guarantee. The float also has a double security chamber. The valves are equipped with double cap and quick deflation.


the structure of the Kit has been realized with interlocking pipes of easy assembly in AISI 316 steel that guarantees maximum stability and shock absorption in the event of impacts and anomalous waves.


made of aluminum and treated in anodic to ensure corrosion resistance in sea water. These bindings will be placed on the frame of your bicycle without compromising the classic use. Upon completion, three series of shims (semi-bushes) in blue plastic are supplied with different diameters that allow the correct adaptation to the different sizes of the tubes of the bicycle frame.


a real revolution in nautical field is the innovative propulsion system. The rudder is hooked to the base of the front wheel allowing great maneuverability and precision of movement. A special tilting joint allows the rudder to get up to ensure re-entry to the shore or overcoming obstacles in the water without damaging anything.
he heart of the traction is locked up in this concentrate of precision mechanics. Gears with bevel gears transfer the circular motion of the rear wheel through a roller placed in its grip. This system allows you to change the gears of your bicycle so you can increase your pedaling speed.
is the conjunction between the body roller and the propulsion unit. Made of steel cables, it is housed in a lubricated sheath with at the terminal of it a high quality ball bearings that guarantee an ideal glide to avoid the risk of pedaling