Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

1What is the Shuttlebike?
Shuttlebike is a kit completely built in Italy ables to turn your bike in a boat
2What maximum speed reaches and what is the cruise speed of the water bike ?
Depending on the conditions you are in, we had estimated 6 km / h cruise, 12 km / h maximum speed
3How heavy is the kit ?
The kit at the arrival weighs 13 Kg once installed the fixed attachments the backpack weighs around 10 kg
4What is the maximum load allowed by water bike?
The maximum approved transportable load is 120 kg including the bicycle
5Is it possible to use water bike it in sea water ?
Absolutely possible to use it in sea water, the kit is made of extremely resistant Aisi 316 stainless steel in salt water.
6What kind of materials is the water bike Kit made of?
The materials used to construct the shuttle bike kit are Aisi 316 stainless steel As regards the technopolymer frame with glass sphere charge to optimize the resistance in conditions of high solar temperature. All the mechanical parts are in 304 stainless steel. Including ball bearings. The fixed attachments are made of anodized aluminum
7What are the floats made of ?
The floats are made of a calendered polyurethane plastic fabric that gives it an extreme rigidity and resistance to damage.
8What happens if the float is punctured ?
In the case of damage to the main chamber while you are navigating in water, the second chamber intervenes, allowing you to stay afloat with the whole device. The user must straddle the healthy float and ride with his hand to return to the shore. Or use an oar if you are in possession.
9How to fix the float ?
In the eventuality that the float is pierced by a sharp object it is possible to repair the kit by thermally welding the fabric with a heat gun.
10Particular care is needed when using the water bike
Once the use of water bike is finished, it would be advisable to rinse it to clean it from sea water. The most important thing is to rinse and grease the bike to prevent the cranks from rusting.
11What is the guarantee ?
The guarantee we provide to the product is 2 years.
12How the floats swell ?
The floats are inflated by a special pump, included in the kit, which is activated by pedaling from stationary with the bike held up by the stainless steel frame as shown in the picture below.
13How to assemble the fixed parts on the bicycle ?
You can adapt the fixed attachments on the frame of your bicycle thanks to the semi-blue plastic bushes with different diameters that allow the correct adaptation to different sizes of the bicycle frame tubes.
14All bikes are fine?
The shuttle bike kit adapts to most of the bicycles on the market with the exclusion of bikes with a carbon-fiber frame and a full suspension. Bicycles with aluminum or steel frames with 26 ", 28" 27.5 ", 29" wheels, 20 "Folding bikes and 26" fat bikes are compatible. CLICK HERE
15I can use my carbon bike ?
It is not allowed to use a carbon bike because the bracelets of the fixed parts must be tight on the tubes and the carbon does not lend itself to this type of stress. It would lead to a sudden rupture of the tube.
16 How long are the floats ?
The swollen floats are 295 cm long with a diameter of 30 cm
17How wide is the kit ?
The overall dimensions of the kit set up are 295 cm x 140 cm with a baricenter about one meter from the support surface.
18How it behaves with the waves ?
The kit has no problems in wave conditions. It can easily move with waves up to 50 cm high. It is however strictly necessary to comply with all the safety precautions issued by the coast guard or by the territorial protection agencies .
19 We need details and skills and or equipment ?
To use water bike is really simple and intuitive, even easier than going on the bike because the balance is guaranteed by the floats. Already with a simple ride the kit starts to move and steering the handlebars you can turn. The correct use of the Shuttle bike also includes using the life jacket because in the water You must never leave anything to chance. Possibly also a retractable portable oar .
20 Is possible to send Shuttle bike kit all over the world ?:
Shuttlebike kit is shipped worldwide by DHL express courier
21Is it difficult to assemble the kit ?
Once the fixed parts have been installed on the bicycle frame, the kit can be installed in 10/15 minutes.
22in how many days you can receive the kit ?
You can receive the kit within 1-2 working days in Europe, 3-4 working days in USA Canada, 7-8 working days in Asia and Australia and Latin America.
23There are special accessories for special bicycles ?
Yes, for Folding bikes, fat bikes, e-bikes or bike with very special frames there are special attachments, possibly also made to order.
24Which certificates of conformity has ?
The shuttle bike kit was tested by the Eurocontrol institute in Madrid obtaining accreditation to the EN 15269 standard which regulates inflatable boats.
25 I can use all the gears on my bike ?
An interesting feature of the kit is that it allows you to use all the bike gears.
26Payment methods[
The payment methods currently in place are by bank transfer, credit card Visa and Mastercard and paypal. In January 2019 it will be possible to buy the kit by paying in installments using the valid credit card.
27have you spare parts ?
All spare parts can be purchased separately if the customer needs them directly on our online Store at
28Is it possible to rent the kit?
Yes, for companies, we propose a rental formula that can be monthly or seasonal. For more information about this service please send an email to
29Is it possible to reverse ?
Yes it is possible but only in bicycles where the handlebar can be rotated 180 degrees.
30How can I buy it ?
Purchase the kit is very simple and you can do it directly on our Store at selecting the kit according to the bike you want to set up, filling out the shipping form and conclude with the payment. A second option is by sending an email to indicating the bike model, the quantity requested and the shipping address and billing address.
31How big is the carton box for shipping?
The backpack with kits and accessories is contained in a cardboard box weighing about 15 kg with dimensions of 49 x 35 x 35 cm