Shuttle Bike Kit®

The entire kit is packed in a standard easy-to-carry backpack, that contains all needed items.
In few minutes you can assemble your SHUTTLE BIKE: just a few simple moves to start pedaling on the water!
Along with each kit you will receive your warranty certificate.



  • Dual-chamber inflatable pontoons. - 2800 mm standard version - 3000 mm EVO version
  • Frame in stainless steel (9 pieces).
  • Rear stems.
  • Bushes for different types of chassis.
  • Roller body.
  • Flexible cable.
  • Propulsion unit.
  • Pump and pressure gauge.

  • Assembling in less than 10 minutes, no need of keys or other tools.
  • Disassemble the bicycle from the kit will take less than one minute.
  • Possibility to take advantage of all the speed offered by the bicycle.
  • Propulsion by quick-coupling propeller with hinged rudder for low backdrops.
  • Front wheel drive (bow). Great maneuverability.
  • Ability to traverse currents and cross over water jumps.
  • High levels of security and stability even in the case of waves and water flows.
  • Easy to ride on the bike after diving into the water.
  • Fixed clamps adaptable to each frame without spoiling the paintwork.
  • Stainless steel support structure; anodized aluminum alloy supports; helix and other parts in techno-polymer.
  • Transmission systems designed as “long life lubrication”.
  • The roller is able to work even with very carved tires.